Gold & mushrooms
photography and some more art from Alexandra Soldatova
2012 - 2017
The time of the celebration of "force manifestation holidays" comes here, when the intensive smell of the first leaves replaces the grey plane and the echo of the streets finally liberated from snow. I look forward to the appearance of the state flags which pop up together with the sticky buds of chestnut trees, the scent of the first lilies of the valley and tulips, planted in the city's flower beds, which have nothing to do but blossom.

The sun heat invites me to join this natural game, the eternal magic of May transformations. Somewhere in the very heart of the city a mystery starts: with a mechanical precision military parade rehearsals are held prefacing the event, repeated day after day, guided by a priestly voice of the invisible conductor. This voice, like the sun, makes the whole system work.

On May, 9 the smell of the barbecue would surely appear, and a few days later the chestnut blossom would start to fall to the ground, barberry would bloom and the flags, not yet completely taken off, would still remind of the triumph which passed too quickly as if just to be shown on TV.

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