Gold & mushrooms
photography and some more art from Alexandra Soldatova
2014 - 2016
Interesting photos need captions to understand what is depicted in them, beautiful photos need the indication of place, whereas other photos do not need words at all. Why do I look at "uninteresting" and "ugly" pictures? Probably the only honest answer that I can give is because I love them, I love the very sense of seeing. But who or what makes such photographs visible?

Being a spectator, in general, I do nothing at all, seeing is produced somewhere inside me, on its own.

Being a photographer, I look for something that can provoke the spectator to get interested in seeing pictures, any of them, I look for something that will trigger the alchemical reaction inside him or her. This trigger causes a failure in seeing, the incorrect recognition, while the actual understanding of what is happening does not disappear. What creates a gap between the reality and the visible enables multiple misinterpretations.

The trigger does not exist in real space, without a camera, but the image does not have it either. Maybe it is inherent in that constantly disappearing gap, or delta, where I actually see this seeing.
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