Gold & mushrooms
photography and some more art from Alexandra Soldatova
I Think It Is Safe
2020 - 2023
In 2020 the profession of a photographer has become almost impossible in Belarus. For security reasons I could not soot anything that could be interpreted as political. Any artistic statement could turn against the author. Before it seemed absurd but not now.

As any artist, I wanted to continue my practice so I was looking for something to at least "stay fit". That and next year were extremely reach for mushrooms in Belarus. I often went to the forest, walked a lot and was surprised at the quantity and variety. Thus I decided that I would photograph mushrooms, it seemed safe enough.

I made purely beautiful pictures, nevertheless, publishing photos in social media, having literally nothing on them but myself and mushrooms no any context, I got a lot of questions and I myself had a lot of doubts. For example, the colors of russula were naturally white and red which was politically very bad combination, or the hand gesture in combination with mushroom deformation sometimes could seem aggressive and the collection of images itself was a little mocking.

How deep we are frightened? How far do we go with self censorship? How deep does this fear and inability to do anything grow in us? How long will we look back speaking aloud about our life, bodies or mushrooms, or whatever else?
Everything I photographed was about artist silence, on how one can be forced to stay as mute as possible, but still, whatever we do - starts to speak itself, exposing the very nature of art.

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