Gold & mushrooms
photography and some more art from Alexandra Soldatova
The Great Dog in Aint-Bad №14
The Great Dog in Membrana Magazine
The Great Dog in Camera Austria
It Must Be Beautiful in Vice Creators
SEE(ING) project featured in Lenscratch
Testosterone, The Calvert Journal
SEE(ING) project featured in GUP #52
Green Diameter, The Calvert Journal
It Must Be Beautiful, The Guardian
It Must Be Beautiful in Aint-Bad Magazine
It Must Be Beautiful in Metal Magazine
SEE(ING) project featured in Prism #20
"It Must Be Beautiful" in Phases
"It Must Be Beautiful": The Beautiful Bus Stops Of Belarus.
Александра Солдатова: Незнакомые территории Минска
Фотограф Александра Солдатова: «Мы живем в предчувствии ренессанса»
О выставке "Ближе, чем близко"
"Green Diameter" in Unlessyouwill #30
"It Must Be Beautiful" in Tonelit #6
Alexandra Soldatova présente son Bélarus
Чувство пространства, или Размышления о выставке Александры Солдатовой

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