Gold & mushrooms
photography and some more art from Alexandra Soldatova
In The Center
2015 - 2018
Hello, my name is Sasha and I from Belarus. The textbook of history and geography says that I live in the Center of Europe, but what exactly does this mean and why do we need it, this Center, to find?
Historically, the boundaries of the subcontinent changed, and with them the point of the supposed center. Now when everything in the world is examined very precise using a satellite, the place depends more on the method of calculation and what is taken into account. Wikipedia still does not give an unambiguous answer and offers us several points, the most relevant of which localized on the border between Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. Using the improvised means I define my own center of Europe, it is also in the area. And there I go to find out if there was any sense in such calculations.
All I can find is an average European landscape: a field, a forest, a lake or a river, a small village; it is funny. This is really an average place where there is nothing special, nothing that stands out, except the very calculation that brought me here. And it is clearly fixed in the landscape by a monument, by a symbol of calculation once made. It becomes here the main thing, the object of attraction for people. In their hands and mobile phones they have only a document left. But may be sometimes it is needed? A document of presence in a significant place, in the center of something important.
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