Gold & mushrooms
photography and some more art from Alexandra Soldatova
It Must Be Beautiful
2015 - 2018
"He who turns left will lose one's horse.
He who turns right will lose one's life.
He who goes straight will stay alive but will forget oneself. "

I live in Belarus. This territory is a historical crossroad, the meeting place of Western Europe and the Eastern, North and South, Latin and Cyrillic, paganism and Christianity.

I'm exploring spaces that, just like the whole country, can not be exactly identified – crossroads, borders of villages, plots, roads. In our tales, in such places there was always a stone with instructions, with a difficult choice, according to which the hero determined his future destiny. Now, we seem to hear the echo and in the transition places we create something – utopian and at times naive, and sometimes incomprehensible. Here, the person of author disappears, because all these places are decorated by order of local authorities. He, the author, is replaced by culture, by something that he knew, but forgot a long time ago and now creates anew for himself and for our children.

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